Research Ulrike Hanslik

Traditional Comparative Neuroanatomy focuses on the comparison of brain areas defined by neuronal aggregations called nuclei and their changes during evolution. Little attention has been given to the evolution of pathways. Although the definition of neuron aggregates is an important starting point, the picture is only complete if we also consider their major connections. My research focuses on compartive aspects of neuronal connections and major ascending and descending pathways of the brain. Special attention will be given also to the commissures that connect both sides of the brain either as left-right connections between bilateral cell groups or crossed descending or ascending pathways.

Fish brains are an intersting subject for these studies because fishes have evolved very simiar cognitive functions than mammals or other vertebrates, but their neuronal basis is very different. Uncovering the circuit diagram of fish brains and comparing it with that of mammals gives important insights into the evolution of cognitive functions in vertebrates.

Kontakt: Ulrike Hanslik, Poppelsdorfer Schloss, Tel.:5464.